Wall Painting Ideas

5 Wall Painting Ideas That Makes Your Living Cool

Wall Painting, Tips and tricks for beginners on how to paint a bedroom, kitchen or any environment without making mistakes and with a professional and lasting finish.

Tips For Wall Painting Successfully

Many times we want to change the painting of your house and you do not know the procedure. Well, if you want to paint a room like a Painters Airdrie, keep in mind all these steps, which will guide you in the task from beginning to end.

Step By Step, How To Paint Your Wall

First, you have to prepare the place by removing all the furniture you can. Those that are very large should be covered very carefully with plastic.

You also have to remove the stuck objects to the wall, such as shelves, and even the covers of light switches and outlets. For safety, cut the light when doing this task. Finally, remove all the doors, windows and hinges of the same if with removable.

1. Prepare The Surface To Be Painted


  • Check the condition of the walls and ceiling, if the surface is firm and clean, it can be painted directly.
  • In cases where the surface is cracked, cracked or raised, this material should be removed with the aid of a spatula, paired if necessary with paste or enduído for this purpose, finishing with a fine sandpaper to smooth the edges.
  • To perform this task correctly and durable, follow the instructions of the product used. To finish you must remove the loose powder on the walls with a brush.
  • If the wall is virgin or very porous, apply a hand of sealer/fixative mixed with a little of the paint, to serve as a primer or base.
  • If the room to be painted is the kitchen or bathroom, you must first wash the walls with warm water and neutral soap, rinsing well.

To paint a room with a roller, impregnate paint and remove the surplus by rolling it through the painter’s tray.


2. Cover Everything That Do Not Want To Be Painted

  • Here define how far the painting should arrive, for that you will use the paper masking tape or painter’s tape, which has the peculiarity of having an adhesive that does not lift the paint when removing it or leaves a sticky film.
  • You have to mask the frames of the windows, for example, or the doors and the cabinet, if it is embedded.
  • If the baseboards are made of wood, You must be masked, if they are ceramic or have an easy to clean surface, it is faster to leave them uncovered and clean them while painting, using a damp cloth while the paint is fresh.
  • In case you want to paint the walls of two colors, You must wait for the first color to dry and then delimit with the tape and paint with the second color.
  • The masking tape is best removed while they are wet with the paint from the last hand.

“If the room to be painted is the kitchen or the bathroom, you must first wash the walls with warm water and neutral soap.”

3. Prepare The Painting

Wall Painting

If the can or jar is started, it is likely that the paint has a film on its top, which must be carefully removed by cutting the edge, without letting any piece fall to the bottom.

Mix the paint well before using with circular movements and from the bottom up, until the paint is homogeneous and of a very even color.

4. Begin To Paint The Room

  • First, the ceiling is painted with all the hands that are necessary. If the paint is of quality, one or two hands will suffice.
  • The angles and areas closest to the walls are first painted with a brush. To paint the ceiling, a roller with an extendable handle is used to apply standing from the floor.
  • The roller is impregnated with paint and rolled to remove the surplus using a special painter tray for it.
  • Then, the walls will be painted, painted from top to bottom, taking vertical stripes of the width of two rollers, joining the stripes with inclined passes before reloading the roller, to obtain an even and perfect finish.
  • There are various types of rollers and brushes for each surface and use. There are also different painter trays in which you can load and drain the roller.


5. Painting Doors And Windows

  • If you have decided to also paint the doors and windows, now is the time to start with the frames.
  • First, prepare the surface with putty suitable for metal or wood pulp, as appropriate. Mask the walls and then paint.
  • Remove the fittings from the windows and doors, and proceed in the same way.
  • To paint metallic surfaces, use synthetic, satin or gloss enamel, and for woods, you can use enamels, varnishes or lacquers.

“To the masking tape, it is better to remove it while they are wet with the painting of the last hand.”

Final Recommendations For Painting A Room

Choose fresh days to paint the room and avoid rainy or hot days. Between hand and hand, respect the drying time specified in the painting. If more than one paint bucket of the same color is used, both contents must be mixed before finishing the first bucket, to homogenize and save small differences that may arise.

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