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Top 5 Online Art Courses For Student

Quality art courses cost some money. In fact, one can measure the quality of art courses by its tuition. However, some high-quality art courses run at low cost. Us Essay Writers recommends you these courses are available online, and their tuition is low enough for students to afford.


How To Choose The Right Online Art Class

Before you enroll for an online course, you need to check out a few things. First thing you must check is the authority of the tutor. You should know the qualification and experience of someone you want to learn from. Another thing you should check is the site’s reviews and testimonials. If the site teaches quality things, it will reflect in reviews. Also, you should check your skill level if it matches the requirements. It’s a waste of time if you enroll for a course which is below or above your level.

As a way to save you from stress, we have compiled a list of trusted classes you can join online. Here are those classes:

1. Drawing And Sketching For Beginners By Robin Slee

The tutor is Robin Slee who is a digital artist. The course is an introductory one. You’ll learn all the fundamentals. This course comprises video whose length is over 3 hours. To make learning easier, the video has been divided into 25 short modules. Each module has exercises attached to it. Also, there is a section for question and answer. To enroll in this course, you need only $19.99.


2. Charcoal Drawing With Aaron Blaise

Aaron Blaise once worked for Disney as an animator for 21years. Right now, Blaise teaches people digital painting. In this class, he creates a lioness using charcoal painting method. Through his comments in the video, he explains what he is doing. As a student for this course, you have access to the picture from which he is drawing. You can download it and practice what you learn. The class costs $40 only.


3. Figure Drawing Fundamentals With Stan Proko

Stan Prokopenko is the tutor for this course. He is a successful fine art painter working for Watt school in California. You’ll learn how to draw a human figure in this class. You’ll learn things on structure, shading, balance and more. $99 is all you need to join this class.


4. Mastering Color With Richard Robinson

When it comes to painting, students often find it hard to select the right color. Some experts also face the same obstacle. In this two-hour video, Richard Robinson explains everything about color. The class goes for just $45.


5. Painting Portraits With Mark Carder

After you take this course, you will know how to paint portraits. In this online course, Mark Carder demonstrates painting process clearly. His style is direct. This makes you understand what he teaches. The course is a video of 8 hours. The amount you need to register for this course is $100 only.



Regardless of your skill level and money availability, there are always new courses for you to learn. With technology at your disposal, knowledge is not far from your reach. Register for online art classes and start building a future for yourself.

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