Garret On The Roof

What Do You Have To Keep In Mind To Make A Garret On The Roof?

In both the rural and urban areas, we find more and more that any square meter of our house counts. Hence, the importance of thinking how to take advantage of each space of our home.

A good idea can be to make a loft on the roof that allows us to use and efficiently equip this space so attractive for the myriad possibilities that opens us. You dare? If you want to know everything you need, we explain what you have to consider to make a garret on the roof.

In the past, the spaces below the inclined roofs became a sort of residual space. In many cases they dedicated to the storage and that fulfilled with an important function, that of a gigantic chamber of air that endowed of better insulation to the house.

Today you can make use of this space without the least of fears, since with the appearance of the insulation this is not necessary.


What Do You Have To Keep In Mind To Make A Garret On The Roof?

These are some of the main issues that you will have to consider to make a garret on the roof.


1. Think About What You Want To Spend Your Loft Or Attic

Loft Or AtticIf you already have one of these spaces, and you want to use it for some new use, you should look first at everything in the remaining free heights.

The minimum advisable would be about 1.5 m and it is advisable that you consult the General Urban Planning Plan of your locality, as well as ask a specialist technician, to guarantee the habitability of your space.

You can always separate the spaces of less than a meter and a half and dedicate them to storage on the sides, which can be an interesting solution for your loft. Roof for attic. If you do not have this space, and you are in the project phase of your home to build a house, this is not a problem to incorporate into your project.

Roof for attic

If your house is already finished and you want to add another plant with this solution, you will have to consult an architect or engineer that allows you to elucidate if it can be an excessive weight for the structure of your home or if you do not comply with the current regulations for some reason.

The next thing would be to know what you are going to do in that space. You can dedicate that space to a children’s playroom, a new living room, a guest room, a library and study room or even a room for a new child that you are waiting for.

The use will be the one that takes you to the other decisions in terms of material and finishes. Of course, try to be clear how to take to that space the new facilities that you need, both electricity for light and connection of appliances, such as sanitation and plumbing if you want to install an auxiliary bathroom. Home office loft ideas


2. Plan Access To Your Attic On The Roof

Attic On The RoofIn new-floor housing the chances are that access to this space is already contemplated. However, in other older homes, this is not likely to be the case. Given the vicissitude that you can not access the space you have two options. One of them is access from one room in the interior and the other from the outside through one of the gable walls.

Small bedroom space loftWithout a doubt the most advisable will be the access from the interior of the house, which prevents you from exposing yourself at any given moment to the climatic vicissitudes that you can find outside. It can also be the case of breaking down a gable wall that gives to another part of the house to which you do have access.

If you have to access through the floor of your loft or attic you have several options for choosing staircase. You can use fixed and straight staircases, one or several sections, spiral or retractable, among other types of stairs there are. The shape will define the space with which you count and the design that you want to contribute to the space.

If you want to know more, you can see these tips so you know how to make an attic on the roof. If you have any questions, open a conversation thread in the Forum of Construction and Reforms to leave your question and we can respond. If you plan your attic or you decide to make, upload your project to the section Projects and explain as lo have done.

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