Is Technology A Panacea For 21st-century Classroom Activities?

Is Technology A Panacea For 21st-century Classroom Activities?

Is Technology/innovation A Panacea For 21st-century Classroom Activities?

Introduction To The Technology:

When we talk about technology, it is the mode of ease for humans; if we want to define the technology within few words, that is “a science which describes and invent the useful tools for the welfare of humans.” Through technology, we deal the things in a very systematic manner.

When we include the impact of technology on the education system, we can say that it is a blessing in disguise for education in the 21st century, especially after the Covid attack. The world is trying to get rid of hard copies and pens and moving towards technological tools for classrooms.

Now, let’s discuss some aspects on which we can claim that technology will play its prominent role in 21st-century classroom activities:

Due to covid, all the educational institutes are closed, and the administrations around the globe decided to distance learning system through online classes via different platforms, here we will mention some of them:

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Zoom
  • Google Classroom

There are many benefits of technology in the classroom, as it transformed life as we know it, and the online classroom looked more advanced and different from the offline classes. In these classes, the classroom equipment changed advanced like the white chalk transformed into the stylus pens and digital whiteboards. Many kinds of research reveal that technology like the internet and E-Books significantly impact the learning system and resources.


There Are Many Advantages Of The Technology Involved In The Classroom; Some Important Are Mentioned Below:

  • It boosts up the engaged learning environment.
  • Best collaboration system
  • It helps to prepare the children for the future
  • It connects you with your students across the world beyond the limitations

Before 10 to 15 years, one would not think that the world will move to technology very fast, including classroom activities. But internet and technology helped the world too much now, especially in this pandemic when all the globe is facing lockdown condition, this technology helped to manage online classes effectively, and along with this, the internet provides the best sources, research, and guidelines about every topic related to the syllabus of the candidates.

The research has revealed that the old tradition of copies and pens will be replaced by stylus pens and digital boards entirely within few years. Students also use the E-books from different sources to manage their studies and notes/slides from various websites to boost their concepts.


Despite Advantages, There Are Some Disadvantages Are Also There Which Are Mentioned Below:

  • It sometimes distracts the candidates.
  • It requires a high-speed internet connection which is not affordable in rural areas.
  • It is sometimes hard to manage for those candidates who are unaware of using the internet.

So, it is concluded that “technology is a panacea for the 21st-century classrooms,” and it is a start to the age of technology; after a few decades, it will be a massive blessing for humans.

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