8 Tips To How To Decorate A Small Room In 2020

The space is increasingly scarce, so today we tell you the keys to the decoration of small rooms to achieve a sense of spaciousness and well-being that invites you to rest and relax. Space is no excuse!

The space is more and more scarce so you have to learn to make the most of the meters available at home. For this, we are going to see some tips that can help us when designing a small room but in which we have everything we need and also without giving up creating a unique and personal space.

And more importantly, getting a sense of spaciousness and well-being in which to relax after a long day at work. For this, you have to think every detail and not forget some keys. Space is no excuse!

How To Decorate A Small Room

1. The Light In The Decoration Of Small Rooms


The light is always important in decoration but if it’s about winning meters … even more! Let the light reach every corner and it will help give you a sense of spaciousness. For this, no heavy curtains bet on the clearest and most transparent and give the maximum possible protagonism to your windows, what in the light flood!

No dark colors or heavy materials in curtains and better natural fiber blinds or curtains at mid-height of light color and smooth to let light be the protagonist. If you do not have windows, be sure to put a lot of light in all corners. Light is key in the battle for space!

A good solution to save space with bedside lights is to place them on the wall in the form of a flex on each side of the bed. You’ll be up to speed and will also take up less space. Do not resist!


2. The Color


The color used correctly can help us to visually expand the space or vice versa, subtract meters. The simplest option is to choose light colors and very bright to help give a greater sense of spaciousness. Whites, creams, stones and yellows are ideal colors to grow any space before our eyes.

But you can also decant by pastel shades like green, pink or lilac always in very soft tones, nothing strident. Everything will depend on the space available, but before the doubt … tone down! One color that we can also use to remove the walls is the light blue that will give a sense of amplitude And if you like the walls degraded so fashionable, you are lucky, they create an optical effect that widens the room before our eyes. Great!


If you are one of those who risks, choose patterns like stripes that help increase the perception of space. If we paint wide stripes the effect is of greater depth while the narrow stripes give greater height to the room.


3. Gain Visual Depth


In the decoration of small rooms, the chromatic harmony helps us gain visual depth. That is why unifying furniture and walls in color is a good idea because it will make the furniture lost in the wall and the feeling of continuity is greater. White is undoubtedly the best option to achieve this objective or light and bright tones.

To gain depth another good idea is to paint the wall opposite the entrance door with a darker color, even black or anthracite. In that way, it will stand out and give a feeling of being deeper than it really is. It deceives the eye!


4. The Roof Also Important


The ceiling is another element that we can use in our favor in the decoration of small rooms, for it chooses to paint it white or the same color as the rest of the walls. The chromatic unit helps to gain meters. Or we can paint the ceiling lighter than the walls and so visually away.

In the case of a small room with a very high ceiling, we can paint the ceiling of a dark color and thus create a more harmonic effect of approaching it, you will get a more cozy stay. Another solution is the moldings or valances that are placed near the ceiling and create the sensation of greater height of the walls. Bet on them!


5. Small Furniture And Straight Lines That Do Not Overload


The room will look wider if we do not recharge it, so the straight lines are perfect for small spaces. Take advantage of the walls by placing light shelves to place books and objects with the dual function of decorating and get more storage space.

We must use few furniture and always be able to be nothing heavy or too dark tones. Stay away by light and dynamic pieces, that we can move easily as small auxiliary tables. Or beds without headboards and chairs and tables with metallic or light legs.

If the objects are small in size even better because the feeling will be that space is much larger. Therefore it is better to bet on the lighter ones visually like glass or with thin legs. Transparent plastic chairs are also a good idea, by letting your eyes pass to gain meters! Or forged beds that are less heavy.


6. In Decorating Small Rooms You Should Take Advantage Of Every Corner


There is always more space than we think! You just have to look good and sure you can think of getting a few more storage. For example under the bed, with a box with drawers or placing some baskets.

Nowadays, we can find different types of beds that rise to create storage space underneath or even a study area. And it can be that way of pimp! It is ideal for children.

The shelves are also a good bet. They will serve to separate spaces, to take advantage of any wall centimeter, to store all kinds of elements and to give color. Better open shelves so they are not heavy. They give a greater sense of depth and do not close the space so much visually.

Take advantage of lost corners to put loose shelves that are very useful for storing books or boxes, for example above the bed. And if you add some bulbs you will not need a night lamp. Another great solution are the high shelves if you have space, which will allow you to increase storage without overloading.


7. Mirrors Will Help You Gain Visual Space


One solution that always works are the mirrors strategically placed in the room to give a greater sense of spaciousness. You can opt for wardrobes with mirror doors that will also be very useful when dressing. Or use them on some small wall to expand it.

Or you can place the mirrors on the narrower wall to give a more spacious feel and if you place a wall mirror or fine foot, occupy very little space and also decorative. Who gives more!


8. Give Personality With Add-ons


If you are worried about creating an impersonal space, put the emphasis on compliments! Play with different prints and get a color note through the textiles. The carpets, cushions, and blankets will be your personal seal and will also give warmth and feel of a living space. They also have the advantage that they are easy to renew without excessive expense. Bet on them!

With these 8 simple steps for decorating small rooms, your room has grown before your eyes and is now a much more comfortable space in which to relax and enjoy the well-deserved rest.

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