10 Facts Every Lilac Lover Should Know

Who doesn’t like the smell of fresh flowers and lovely flowers? Lilacs are one of those flowers which everyone loves, wants and just gets lost in the sight of it when they see it. The breathtaking fragrance of lilacs stands out of the rest of the flowers.

The incredibly beautiful purple color makes one wants to pick each and every lilac and take it home with them. Lilac is commonly used in perfumes as well as soaps to make them smell more appealing to the customers just like a Harley Quinn Costume for girls.

It is a heart-melting smell and we’re sure everyone realizes that. There are a few facts about lilacs that even the craziest lilac lover wouldn’t know.

Let’s Know That These Facts Are:


Fact No. 1 – Lilac Comes From The Same Family Tree As Olive.

Lilac Tree

Most people wouldn’t know this but lilac comes from the same family tree as Olive. The family is named to be Oleaceae and it surprisingly includes more than 20 different species of plants. These species include olives, ash, and jasmine. There are more than 1000 varieties of lilac in this family and each has its own characteristics of uniqueness.


Fact No. 2 – Lilacs Are A Part Of The Greek Mythology.

Not many people know this but the lilacs are somehow a part of the Greek Mythology and its roots. It is beautifully included in the story of Pan which is meant as the god of forest and fields for the Greek. It is said that the story starts with the beautiful love of Pan for a nymph which was named Syringa.

One day, Pan was chasing her in the forest for his love, she somehow turned herself into a lilac shrub. She did that in order to disguise herself so that Pan doesn’t find her. On the other hand, Pan somehow found the shrub and used that shrub in order to make the world’s first Panpipe.

Syringa’s name is originated from the Greek word they use for pipe, ‘syrinks’ and that is where the lilac’s scientific name was made from.


Fact No. 3 – Lilacs have many meanings.

Lilacs Have Many Meanings

Every culture has a different meaning of lilac. Lilacs bloom early in the season of spring. It has different gist in different cultures.

The Celtics called the lilacs as magical due to their magical scent. In the Victorian age, the lilacs were meant to be a symbol of an old love. In Russia, holing a lilac over a newborn meant to bring wisdom to the baby.


Fact No. 4 – Different Colors Of Lilacs Have Different Meanings.

The different colors of lilacs have different meanings. For instance, white lilacs mean purity and innocence whereas the purple lilacs refer to spirituality. If the bloom is more on the blue side, it symbolizes happiness and serenity.


Fact No. 5 – How Your Soaps And Lilac Perfumes Smelt.

How Your Soaps And Perfumes Smelt

Ever thought of how your soaps and perfumes smelt so darn good? Well, that’s because most of the perfumes and soaps are made with lilac. These creators use lilac for the fresh and breathtaking smell to increase their sales and customer satisfaction.


Fact No. 6 – Are Flowers Edible To Humans?

Well, what kind of flowers are edible to humans? Lilacs are! Yes, you heard right, lilacs are edible for humans. Eating flowers, not all but eating lilac specifically helps to overcome issues like gastric issues as well as constipation. Lilac flowers are used to make the cocktail as well.


Fact No. 7 – The Beautiful Scent Of The Lilacs Is Concerned.

Ediable FlowerAs far as the beautiful scent of the lilacs is concerned, it is researched and tested that every different color of lilac has a different smell. So when you smell different amazing perfume fragrances, most of them are made of lilac but their smell differs because of the color and variety of the lilac.


Fact No. 8 – Lilacs Symbolize Mourning.

Lilacs are the flowers which symbolize mourning. Many people use to bring lilacs to funerals or sad occasions. It symbolizes sadness on the death of someone close.


Fact No. 9 – Height Of The Lila Tree Is Like The Palm Trees.

Japanese Lilac Tree

The lilac trees can reach up to the height of the palm trees. The maximum height of lilac trees can go up to 15 to 25 feet.


Fact No. 10 – Lilac Trees Are Grow Faster.

There are trees that grow faster when you keep trimming them every now and then but lilacs aren’t that type. If you want your lilac tree to blossom and go to its maximum potential, don’t trim it often. Trim it once a year and you are good to go.

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