How To Choose The Right Air Conditioning For Your Business

Choosing The Right Air Conditioning For Your Business : If you plan to start a business, one of the most important aspects for the well-being in the workplace, is to have a suitable temperature and humidity, both in winter and summer.

That is why it is crucial to choose a good air conditioning system, taking into account aspects such as energy consumption and comfort. In this post we will show you how to choose the right air conditioning for your business.


How To Choose The Right Air Conditioning For Your Business?

Air Conditioner

Air conditioning. The air conditioning systems stand out for their high energy efficiency; allow to regulate the temperature so much in summer as in winter and to control the humidity levels. There are different solutions depending on the location.

There Are Two Types:

  • Ducts – The duct systems are ideal when there is a pre-installation already made, they stand out because they are hidden in a false ceiling and because of their low noise when the machines are in distant places or of little traffic.
  • Cassette – The cassette systems stand out to be embedded in a false ceiling, unlike the ducts, these expel the air in 4 directions being ideal in large open spaces.

The conduit and cassette models cover large spaces and are suitable in large spaces or premises.


1. Of Split

The split systems are the most common premises or offices in small or medium size, there are an outdoor machine and one or more internal.

Before installing an air conditioner, be sure to know and ask for all the necessary permits and requirements, especially for the outdoor unit placement.


2. Boilers

An alternative to the air conditioning are the boilers, they work by means of a radiator installation for all the rooms, indicated in offices, premises, restaurants or great trade.

The advantage of this heating system is the high comfort that produces the heat emitted by radiation.

There Are Mainly Three Types Of Boilers:

  • Gas Boilers – The gas boilers are usually small and provide heating and hot water.
  • Gasoil Boilers – The diesel models are the most suitable in independent or remote installations, usually have a high power.
  • Pellet And Biomass Boilers –  Pellet boilers are the most suitable when you can make a correct extraction in the exhaust fumes. Among the advantages of this type of biomass boilers is its high energy efficiency.


3. Biomass Stoves And Thermostats

If you are looking to offer a warm environment to your business, a very good choice is stoves and biomass thermostats. The effect they produce from the fire make the space where they are, a unique and pleasant atmosphere.

In addition they have a high energy efficiency and their raw material, mainly the pellet, usually comes from sustainable forests.

There Are Two Types:

  • Pellet Stoves – The pellet stoves work by giving heat to a main room by the combustion of the pellet, they cover spaces of up to 120 m².
  • Thermoses – The thermo differ from pellet stoves in addition to providing heat to the main room can connect them hot water circuit heat provided by radiators adjacent to the main stays.

These types of stoves require a particular smoke installation, make sure your local meets the characteristics to install a pellet stove.


4. Thermal Emitters

If you can not make works in your local a good efficient and economic solution is the installation of thermal emitters.

They provide pleasant heat and are usually programmable. There are three types of thermal emitters, it is important to know how to choose thermal emitters since use is advised according to the needs of each room:

  • Dry Emitter – It produces a quick heat, it is advised for short periods of time and for premises with limited schedules.
  • Fluid Emitter – They provide a slower heat but more durable over time, are advised for longer uses.
  • Ceramic emitters – They are emitters that take more time to heat but once they have caught temperature, they keep it much in the time, making them, for prolonged uses, in the most efficient solution.


5. Terms

If you are going to need hot water in your business it is important that you know the different types of terms. There are models of all types of capacities and installation; this can be vertical or horizontal. An important aspect to consider is energy efficiency; look for the most efficient models.

If you have any doubts about how to air-conditioning your business we will help you in our Air Conditioning Forum. If you have installed an air conditioning system, turn it to the Community Projects section.

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