6 Best Ways To Improve Smartphone's Battery

6 Best Ways To Improve Smartphone’s Battery

We will discuss about best ways to improve smartphone’s battery. If you are not satisfied with the battery life of your smartphone, your phone may not be to blame. There are a number of factors that contribute to poor Android phone battery life.

Thinner cases, brighter screens, faster processors, more background software, and faster Internet connections all drain the phone’s battery, but manufacturers are also building more powerful batteries to compensate. There are a number of factors that contribute to poor Android phone battery life.

Of course, higher resolution screens and faster processors could be sexy features that smartphone makers are pushing for. But to be honest, most users just want a phone that won’t die in the end. Smartphones have come a long way in terms of design, cameras, or even computing power.

However, we haven’t seen many breakthroughs in battery technology. So today we will help you to improve the battery of your smartphone. Here is the list of 6 best ways to improve smartphone’s battery.


1. Remove Home Screen Widgets And Live Wallpaper

Because widget functions require more RAM and also background processes drain your battery faster. Many people use widgets on their smartphone home screen because they think it makes their job easier. But it has a negative impact on battery life.

If you really want to save battery life, avoid adding widgets to your home screen. Yes, live wallpapers bring your smartphone home screen to life. However, keep in mind that this consumes a lot of battery life because live wallpapers keep the screen always on and this drains the battery.


2. Turn On Battery Optimization

Ever since Android Marshmallow (6.0) Google has been adding ways to better control battery life on the operating system. This involves blocking apps from running battery intensive tasks in the background, which was improved in the last couple of years with recent updates.

If you want to extend your battery life, you can check your settings to ensure that Adaptive Battery or Battery Optimization is turned on.


3. Turn Off Location (GPS) – Improve Smartphone’s Battery

Your smartphone’s GPS receiver is one of its greatest strengths because of the number of apps it pings, not to mention the chip itself. You can turn off GPS completely, although this comes at the expense of many important services.

Alternatively, you can find out which apps are pinging the location and disable the unnecessary ones one by one. On Android, you can do this from Settings > Location. You can achieve the same by logging into Google Maps and downloading the previous map while connected to WiFi.


4. Keep Turn Off WiFi And Bluetooth While Not Using

A common reduction in battery life is to leave your phone’s WiFi or Bluetooth on when not in use, as this will drain your battery and search for networks or devices to connect to.

It’s also important to consider things that will help your battery last longer on a single charge. Because the fewer the charge cycles of your phone’s battery, the slower it will degrade and the longer its lifespan will be. If you’re just moving from one place with WiFi to another, e.g.

For example, if you go from home to work, realistically it probably won’t be a big deal if you don’t turn off your phone’s WiFi. But if you’re going to be out all day and don’t plan on using WiFi at all, you should probably turn it off to save battery life.


5. Turn On Power Saving Mode- Best Ways To Improve Smartphone’s Battery

Put your phone in low power mode which automatically reduces battery life consuming features. Under the battery usage chart, we’ve enabled power saving mode to instantly limit network, sync, and location services and reduce screen refresh rate.

However, by touching the power saving mode, we can further customize the functionality by disabling Always on Display, limiting processor speed to 70% or reducing brightness by 10% to save more battery life.


6. Enable Dark Mode – One Of Best Ways To Improve Smartphone’s Battery

It’s no secret that device screens consume the most power, which is why phone screens consume the most battery – especially when the brightness is high. Also, Android apps are designed in primary colors, making them more energy efficient.

This is why you should switch to a dark theme to Improve Smartphone’s Battery – especially if your screen is AMOLED or OLED. With a dark theme, the background remains dark and black pixels, also known as dark areas, are actually turned off. Therefore, it consumes less power and increases battery life. That’s why Android Pie has a built-in dark theme.

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