5 Best Video Player Apps For Android In 2022

5 Best Video Player Apps For Android In 2022

In today’s article you will see some amazing and best video player apps for android in 2022. To watch videos, movies and all this, it is very important to have a video player in your phone. Although the video player is already inside the Android phone, but they do not have many good features.

That is why most of the people or can say that all those who use Android phones definitely keep a separate video player in their phone. What is already in the phone is very simple and does not have any extra features nor is it fun to watch videos.

Besides online streaming, there are plenty of other video files that you want to play on your Android phone. This is where the need for a quality media player app comes into the scene. If you are not satisfied with your phone’s video player then don’t worry because we have brought 5 best video player apps for android in 2022.


1. MX Player

MX Player is the most well known and used app. This app has always been great and useful and still is. This app has a great interface and is packed with useful features, not to mention that it can play almost any imaginable video format.

MX Player - the best video player

It has advanced hardware acceleration and supports subtitles. MX File Transfer feature is also included in the package, and it allows you to share files, music, and apps. The app also offers multi-core decoding while supporting gestures. There are many other functions included here.

There is also a parental control feature so you can entertain your child without giving them too much freedom in what they want to watch. The list of file formats is extensive, and with hardware acceleration built in, it can render video quickly, so that your video experience is uninterrupted.


Features Of The App

  • Multi-core decoding and HW + decoder
  • You can zoom by pinching in and out your fingers on the screen
  • Various swipe gestures are available to control the video
  • You can play the video with subtitles


2. VLC

If you are someone who needs obscure file formats, VLC will probably be your first download. One of the most established names in the video player space, VLC can play almost any video or audio file. In addition to the already rich features, you can also stream live over the network, making VLC one of the most comprehensive video player experiences out there.

vlc media player

The final advantage to VLC is that unlike some of the other apps on this list, it has all the available codecs, so no additional downloads are required. VLC also adds a great home screen that controls your audio, headphones, covers, and full audio library. As said by video streamers, this is one of the best video player apps for Android and a must-have with unique features.


Features Of The App

  • Supports almost every file, discs, video, and audio files
  • Comes with a media library for audio and video files
  • Offers support for multi-track audio and subtitles
  • Auto-rotation, gestures to control volume, and aspect-ratio adjustments


3. PlayerXtreme

PlayerXtreme Media Player is a free app for Android and the most popular cross-platform video and audio player. With PlayerXtreme you can always listen to your favorite music, watch movies and smoothly support audio and video formats such as m4v, mpeg, mp4, mpeg2, WebM, and others.

Its simple and user-friendly interface makes it the most popular and well-known video player app for Android. You’ll experience authentic audio and experience the seamless support of 4k HD 1080p MKV playback on the go.


Features Of The App

  • Allows you to enable all popular formats of subtitles
  • Supports all of your system video and audio files
  • You can manage and organize music, video, and audio by sections
  • You can watch third-party content by browsing in-app


4. KM Player

KM Player


KMPlayer is the best player app you will come across. With this app you can play almost all HD videos and subtitles. It has the potential to support video up to 8K resolution. They recently added a lot of cool features like playlist settings, video zoom and panning, and subtitle settings. The pop-up play feature allows an app to appear on top of other apps.


Features Of The App

  • You can bookmark the position at the time you want
  • Supports HD, 4K, 8K, UHD, Full HD video formats
  • Screen resolution, hue, contrast, brightness, and saturation on the go
  • Pop-up windows to play the video over other apps


5. Video Player All Format

Video Player All Format is a basic video player application. It’s also a bit like a rough diamond. It offers support for most video codecs. Some of the other features include Chromecast support, night mode, privacy folder, and variable speed playback controls. It seemed to tick all the right boxes during our tests. Advertising banners are also absent, although there are a few elsewhere.


Features Of The App

  • A perfect all-in-one media player that supports all files and formats
  • Quick search and intelligent search options will help you a lot
  • Protects your videos and keeps them safe
  • Comes with advanced hardware acceleration features.


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