Best Dog Breeds In India

10 Best Dog Breeds In India For First Time Owners

So here is a list of some best dog breeds in India for first time owners. If you’re thinking about becoming a dog owner, the chances are you already have an idea of the kind of dog that you might like. This is a great starting point, but before you get your heart set on a particular breed, it’s really important to remember that some dogs will be much more suited to first time dog owners than others.

best dog breeds in india

There are many things you need to consider but don’t worry as in this article we are listing down the top 10 dogs for first-time owners in India which will make your job much easier. So without further adieu, let’s get started.


1. Labrador Retriever

Labradore Retriever

On the off chance that you are searching for a functioning, savvy, and energetic companion who is extremely simple to deal with, then, at that point, Labradors ought to be your best option. They are viewed as the best canine varieties.

Labradors Retriever are the most popular and recognized Dog breeds in the world. They are incredibly loyal and affectionate and they also make decent guard dogs.

Labrador retrievers are excellent family dogs as long as they are properly exercised and trained. They were bred to work hard & hence they love to do jobs, especially retrieving. Labs tend to get along well with other dogs, children & pets if provided with proper training to turn down their natural exuberance.

Make sure that you provide them with some basic obedience training as they are strong and are known to drag their owners at will. Also, note that labradors who are not exercised well or are left alone can turn out to be extremely destructive – barking, chewing & digging in excess.


2. Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

Individuals like Golden Retriever on purpose. These canines are very collected, wise and warm. They are fun loving, delicate with kids and can coexist effectively with others pets and outsiders. One reason why these canines dominate in compliance preparing and as administration canines are their enthusiasm to please. Individuals additionally use them for hunting ducks and recovering games.

Because of its agreeable nature, a Golden Retriever needs monitoring senses and will seldom bark. Try not to commit an error by considering them a decent gatekeeper canines however some of them will bark and tell you when a more abnormal methodologies.


3. German Shepherd

German Shepherd

The German Shepherd (also known as Alsatian) is the most popular dog in India after Labrador Retrievers.

They are known for their knowledge, solid feeling of smell and the capacity to learn things rapidly, so preparing them is an extremely simple undertaking, and that is the reason they are additionally exceptionally steadfast, incredible with kids and other relatives however not such a huge amount with outsiders which likewise makes them an ideal guard dog for the house.

There are many types of German Shepherds available in the market single coated german Shepherds are most suitable for Indian climate.


4. Pug: (Best Dog Breeds In India For First Time Owners)

Pug (Best Dog Breeds In India For First Time Owners)

Assuming that you are searching for little measured puppies which are not difficult to keep up with, then Pug is the most ideal choice. The main hindrance with pugs is that they can be somewhat forceful now and again, as it is woven in their inclination.

In the event that you have youngsters at home, Pugs can be a great decision as they are extremely energetic and dynamic. Pugs love to rest and can rest for over 14 hours per day. They have an ordinary eating routine and don’t require a lot prepping with regards to their jacket.


5. Pomeranian


Pomeranians are generally friendly, perky little dogs who don’t seem to realize their small stature & will try to tackle large breeds or at least try to threaten them verbally. They need daily exercise even if it’s taking them out for a walk around the block. Pomeranians are known to be quite intelligent excelling in obedience competitions. As they grow old they tend to turn more into lapdogs.

Pomeranians are generally good alert watchdogs known to bark excessively sometimes. Yes, they are good with children but children need to be cautious as they are not sturdy as other larger breeds.


6. Indian Pariah

Indian Pariah

Indian Pariahs are nothing but our very own desi dogs that you see on the streets everywhere are one of the best dog breeds in India.

They are well adapted to Indian climates, have strong immune systems, highly intelligent, and excellent guard dogs.

The downside to these dogs is that they will not be comfortable in an indoor environment in the beginning since they are meant to be outdoor dogs.But if they are brought up indoors as puppies there will be no problems, they are the best dog one could ask for.


7. Papillon


This sweetie is an extremely dynamic canine and appreciates playing with their proprietor. Papillons can make incredible lap canines as well as exercise accomplices. You will find it extremely simple to prepare them and they needn’t bother with a ton of prepping and other such upkeep. That is why this breed comes in best Dog breeds in India.


8. Beagles


People across the globe consider Beagles to be good with other children & pets. These dogs are cheerful and are always seeking out attention. They prefer the company of their owner hence may start howling or be destructive if left alone. According to one guide, Beagles tops the list of excessive barkers & sometimes it can be quite difficult to obedience train & housebreak them.


9. Greyhound (In The List Of Best Dog Breeds In India)


Greyhounds are one of the most outstanding low-support, best Dog breeds in India that you can find. They love consideration and they can’t get enough of it. The most outstanding aspect of living with Greyhound is that they don’t require a lot preparing and they are extremely calm and respectful when they are inside.


10. Poodle


Poodles are known for their insight, simplicity of preparing, energetic, dynamic, carefree and defensive nature. A poodle will blossom with consideration and can foster persistent vices, for example, exorbitant and irritation yelping whenever left alone.

A more modest rendition of the poodle will in general be forceful towards individuals and canines outside their loved ones. Recollect that poodles were initially reared for hunting in an exquisite clothing and thusly requires exercise and preparing to be at their best as friend canines.


Conclusion: (Best Dog Breeds In India For First Time Owners)

So these were the list of best dog breeds in India for first time owners you can get for your home right away.

As mentioned before, you have to be ready to cater the needs of a dog regardless of how low-maintenance they are.

They are like babies their whole life and dependent on you for almost everything from food to shelter.

There are a few other brilliant breeds such as Dalmatian, Lhasa apso but the list above is created for absolute novice owners. Hope this gives you an idea & helps you out to select the best one based on your need, expectation, budget & lifestyle.


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