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5 Amazing Ideas For Decorating Modern Living Rooms

The modern living areas can be decorated and transform countless ways and with different budgets. But, if what we want is to obtain a place that reveals the admiration and envy of the guests, where in addition to good taste, breathe harmony, comfort, and personality, perhaps we need a little effort.

If we also want to follow some style or decoration trends 2017 we will have to give prominence to some accessories or furniture living rooms.

The objective is to achieve the desired final design, decorated rooms and for this we must analyze all the components and characteristics of the room.

The possibilities may be innumerable, but there are some interior decorating ideas that we can apply to most of the particularities of the room and the different decorative styles.


Living Room Decorating Ideas


1. Modern Decoration Wall Paint Colors

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modern living room wall decor-Transforming the decoration of rooms by changing the design of the walls is a simple, comfortable and inexpensive formula. It is a good idea to have this detail in mind and to be able to vary the effect of your house, every now and then, applying different colors of paint, put wallpaper or decorative vinyl.

That is why if you have to do work, give plaster to smooth the walls so that they are compatible with all methods of decorating walls. A good advice is to choose, in small living rooms, a painting with soft colors and bet on varied bands and colors.

Place mirrors, pictures or vinyl that will help us to give amplitude to the environment. Using the white color as a base, making the strong color provide the accessories, complements, or upholstery is a stupendous modern trend.


2. Bring Touches Of Color To Energize Modern Living Rooms

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The touches of color on the walls, on the decorative accessories, through the furniture or even on the doors can give a great boost to the modern living room design. Attention does not fall into excesses, we must take care and maintain a correct dosage of the color.

The safest bet is on cushions or carpets with vivid colors and even some models of curtains. Daring with modern sofa color, the chairs or armchairs can be a daring for the more daring, but the result can be spectacular.

Another option to get amazing decorated rooms is to take the color of the paint and the accessories to create visual effects. The color of the living room can also help us to mark the different areas or environments of the spaces within the room.

It does not matter to paint the walls of a different color, simply to determine with more precision the spaces and to follow with the same shades in the rest of the decoration. We can highlight the different environments, the dining area, and seating area, placing a strip of wallpaper in the same colors.

We want to tell you a very successful decorative color trend: Gray color is compatible in various color combinations, can be applied in living room accessories (cushions, blankets, vases,…). Or as base tone to be able to venture with stronger colors in the rest of the decoration; The deep blue, green, khaki, yellow, pastel shades, apricot, and red-orange colors are fashionable in the design of modern living rooms.


3. Modern Living Rooms 2017 With Dining Area

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Changing the place of the furniture does not mean modernizing the living room, because it may not be enough. However, if space allows, we will bring majesty to the sofa, in this case, modern sofas for rooms, installing it in the center of the room and not against a wall.

In the most important place of the dining area, we will place the dining table. We will take advantage of this room to accommodate all the actions we do in the company of family and friends where, in addition to eating or dinner, we will consider creating a space for conversation.

In many cases, we may find impediments to these decorated rooms. This room may be an area of passage to other rooms of the house and even start a staircase. This staircase is important to be integrated into the decoration of the modern living room: change or eliminate the bands of the railings to facilitate their composition and that are based on the decoration, or extreme, make the decoration of the staircase stand out Taking the main role. They are opposite options but both valid.

To make a real change and a good decorative arrangement of the living room, we can simply change a carpet, paint a colored wall or change instead of the sofa. Modernize the ambiance is to add fashion accessories 2017, colors on the walls and dress different windows.

If we also need to renovate the living rooms furniture, because the current ones are old, outdated or we are bored with them, we should not fear for the expense of the purchase. The renovation or purchase of furniture can be done cheaply.


4. Furniture For Modern Living Rooms

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In most cases of rooms successfully decorated we do not need to change all the furniture, but we can combine old furniture with new and even restore some of them.

The offer in modern designs is very wide, both in stores and in furniture online. There are different signatures that offer all the options and facilities;

For example, we can evaluate the Ikea living rooms as they have a great catalog, lots of ideas and the prices are very affordable. Other companies like Furniture Conforama, Leroy Merlin, Amazon or Ebay can be positive alternatives in both furniture and decor accessories and accessories.

When we begin to analyze the new decoration, we usually find that we do not have enough space for everything we have in mind. This does not have to be a problem, easily and with good ideas, we can get a nice design and a pleasant and harmonious atmosphere for the decoration of the living room. The modern and small living room is a challenge that can give us many satisfactions.


 5 Important Tips For Designing Modern Living Rooms

After analyzing the particularities of our living room and marked our preferences in decoration, we get to work.

Following the following decoration tips or some of them we will get the desired result:

1. Order The Hall To Purify The Space

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avoid the large, bulky furniture that shrinks the living room; The choice of light and aerodynamic furniture with a light and light appearance can release the volume and therefore the visual effect ( minimalist decoration ).

If the budget does not allow us to buy new furniture, do not forget to dress furniture with patinas, remove doors or restyle gives us a new and interesting decor: the restoration of furniture and second – hand goods are increasingly implanted day with excellent results.

In the purchase always choose the furniture adapted to the size and height of the room. A good option is to combine open and closed furniture so as not to lose storage places.


2. Bring Light To Refresh The Environment

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Modernize the living room playing also with natural or artificial light, a fundamental player in interior design. First of all, we will squeeze natural illumination as much as possible:

We analyze the curtains. Pick up the sides or remove the thick curtains and install thin and vaporous curtains that allow the passage of light, we add design and intimacy to the modern living room. In current designs, Japanese panels or different types of blinds are used. They bring freshness without losing the style and perfectly fulfill its purpose when decorating the windows.

The mirrors. They are also a smart solution: placed in front of a window the effect doubles the brightness of modern living rooms. You can choose a single large mirror that decorates a whole wall or the placement of several independent small mirrors forming a whole that provides different interesting light beams.

Extend the real space. If the budget and the characteristics of your house allow, canceling partitions will provide amplitude and increase the total luminosity; Open the kitchen to the living room, remove the useless corridors that remain only meters and bet on diaphanous living rooms ( loft type with modern and functional decorations ) can be a great success.

Installation of artificial light. Essential but with reasoning; A good lighting project is basic to succeed in decorating design. The different methods and models of salon lamps can give us the solutions and put “the icing on the cake” in our decoration of modern living rooms.

Multiply the extra artificial lighting to modulate the environment according to the activity performed. A small table lamp, a lamp that illuminates the reading corner, the floor lamp with its soft ambient lighting and, finally, the general illumination.

It may be the most expensive if we want to illuminate the entire width of the room but the result deserves it; We can create false ceilings incorporating bright cornices that contribute diffuse and dim light but total of the hall, to place recessed lights, lights on rail, led strips or we can opt for a point of light with a genuine pendant lamp.


3. Betting On Accessories To Refresh The Stay

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To bring economic modernity, play with decorative accessories; Cushions, carpets, vases, frames, objects of all kinds that bring personality and visibility to the decoration of the modern living room.

We have the option to always use the same decoration style and the same color in monochrome or combine them but do not forget the simplicity and the elegance.

These accessories or decorative accessories can be bought in stores for decoration, markets, souvenirs of our trips, but we can also do it ourselves. And let’s not forget the carpets, which bring warmth, modernity and thus delimit spaces.


4. Renovate Old Furniture And Rejuvenate The Mood Of The Stay

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We will save money and update the room cheaply with a makeover in the decoration of our old furniture. Old furniture can bring us a lot of styles if we renovate them; we are going to consider re- painting, covering with fabrics or vinyl papers and even transforming our furniture with a little interest and decision we can get it. We have a lot of friends who can help us and guide us in this work comfortably through the web.

We can begin to restore furniture by the simplest: a low table or old wooden chairs can be modernized: fine sandpaper to remove the outer layer, a suitable pretreatment and paint in a neutral color along with the touch of fantasy: a few tips In a color, a drawing made by hand with templates, employ decoupage techniques.

Another option, we dare in each chair painted in a different color respecting a certain harmony of shades. And lastly, do not throw your old and large closets, update them by removing the doors, repainting the shelves and giving a fresh air ensure a great success in the decoration of the living room and modern living rooms.


5. Combination Of  Styles For A Low Cost Decoration

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low cost living room design Choosing a decorating style for modern living rooms does not have to be fixed and boring.

All the subtlety, elegance and personality of your environments will be applied knowing the dose of mixing the styles of different furniture playing with “the norms and trends of fashion in decoration” that on the other hand do not exist, especially when the result is harmonious and to your liking

Parts and furniture design classic table with wrought iron legs inherited from your grandmother, comfortable and cushy sofa, united in the same environment involve an appropriate game.

Base of shabby chic design. A modern wooden table that has just made a great friendship in your living room with the old sofa improved and upholstered with colorful and colorful cushions.

The old-time coffee table mixed with a second table and other modern design furniture for our modern living rooms. An old wooden dresser restored in vintage style in contrast to the plexiglass lamp or a Scandinavian nordic design metal wall light.

If your furniture is based on wood, a good advice is to associate them with metal furniture in an industrial style because the combination of decorative styles will bring modernity to the interior decoration without changing everything and we will get nice modern living rooms.

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