Birthday Party Theme Ideas For Girls

7 Amazing Birthday Party Theme Ideas For Girls

There are oodles of birthday party theme ideas for girls to choose from. But choosing the best one which perfectly fits into her dream should be your goal. It is every girl’s dream to have her birthday party wrapped up in shades of pink, blue or purple, add some ruffles, a dash of shine and sparkle and the most important being the mouth-watering desserts. Having said that, I would like to share with you the Best Birthday party Theme ideas For Girls; and there is something girly for every girl in it.


1. Ice Cream Party – Best Birthday Party Theme Ideas For Girls

Ice Cream Party ideas

Who doesn’t love the ice cream? Yes, you could design a Birthday Party for your girl based on Ice Cream itself. Putting in all the vibrant colors possible and bringing in scented cake poppers and streamers could make for an excellent idea. Your spread could mainly focus on varieties of Ice Cream cones, waffles, flavors of ice creams and topping too!! This is one yummilacious party that the girls/kids would never forget for a long time. Ice creams are the best way to melt hearts.

Girls love ice cream, and an ice cream party is a perfect way to excite them on their big day. Make sure you have everything you need.

  • An ice cream cake.
  • Decorate in ice cream colors that highlight the flavors. You can buy ice cream themed decor or do it yourself with some easily available craft supplies.
  • Setting up a modern ice cream parlor or a traditional ice cream truck heightens the mood.
  • Lay-out the flavors you are serving, the toppings, and sprinkles. Make sure to label the containers, so that guests can make their customized ice creams.
  • Serve in themed scones and plates and use decorated spoons.
  • Tickle your taste buds with a blind-flavor-taste game.
  • Have some cute little jars ready so that your guests can pick up some ice cream or candy to snack on later.


2. Balloons Theme – Best Birthday Party Theme Ideas For Girls In India

Balloons Theme - Best Birthday Party Theme Ideas For Girls

There is nothing else in this world which makes girls/kids go crazy than the simple Air Balloons. Just the very sight of them makes the girls/kids drool over totally. With the multiple options of designs and colors available in the market to choose from, this makes for one of the easiest and loveliest Birthday Themes for Girls. Make your imagination go wild and try the craziest of the things your girl could ever imagine!!


3. Karaoke Birthday Party

Karaoke Birthday Party theme

She can sing her heart out with a karaoke pop star birthday celebration, and games like Sing Party and We Sing make it simple for herself as well as her companions to chime in to a portion of their favorite tunes. Karaoke parties are a fun and fabulous way to celebrate any occasion! Perfect for people of all ages, a karaoke themed party encourages guests to sing, dance and entertain – all while creating amazing memories. However, throwing a karaoke house party does take some effort.


4. Summer Picnic Theme (Best Birthday Party Theme Ideas For Girls)

Summer Picnic birthday party theme

Picnics are so much of fun, and how lovely would it be to have a get-together set up in the shades of a sunny day!! Yes, Summer Picnic Theme is becoming popular. Times to gel with friends, giggle, play around and celebrate everything that is girly. So you could just bring out anything vibrant and colorful to set the mood of picnic with picnic baskets, small goodies, some fresh fruits and the list could go on.


5. Colorful birthday party theme ideas for girls

colorful Birthday Party Theme Ideas For Girls

If there is anything in this world which would show girly signs then it is the colors pink and purple. Girls literally crave for anything in their favorite color. This calls for designing a Birthday Theme only centred around the colors Pink and Purple – the streamers, invitation cards, the tableware, cutouts, cupcakes. You could also mention a dress code for all the birthday guests (girls) to be in accord with the color theme.


6. Costume Birthday Theme

Costume Birthday Theme party for girls

A costume party is one of the best birthday party theme ideas for girls. Follow these tips and have fun.

  • Pick out a simple theme, inform your guests, and decorate accordingly. Turn your living room into a pirate ship or a royal castle based on your theme.
  • Pick up props and set the mood with inflatable balloons. You can hand out masks while welcoming guests and make it a masquerade.
  • Play a pirate treasure hunt or draw out a chalk obstacle course and let the kids enjoy it.
  • Get your darling daughter a customized cake that matches your theme.
  • Chips and dips, sandwiches, veggie sticks, fruit platters, pizza slices, and juice will keep your party-goers lively.


7. Barbie Theme Party

Barbie doll birthday theme party ideas for girls

There is every possibility of her reply to be Barbie. Not being a fairy, but more modern and realistic this character has everything to it – style, class, fashion and cuteness too. When you start planning, remember to make the particular colors prominent.

A few splendid props of water and dark tone with customary pink and dark tone and adding the up-to-date retires from a sensation of unadulterated juvenile tomfoolery. Wonderful, in vogue dots frill could be a decent choice for give favors to the visitors.


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