5 Best Period Tracker Apps For Women

Period tracker apps can be very useful for a woman life. Today we are talking about the benefits of period tracker apps which you can’t expect. If a woman understand her period pattern then she can live in comfort zone and also know about her health. If you know about your period than you can decode your health secret.

With help of these apps you can track your cycle when period occur so you can understand your cycle length mainly global average of period cycle is 28 days but it is not a necessary that your cycle also 28 days it may be long or short.

With the help of these period tracker apps you can take your personal cycle average which make you feel more control and you can’t surprised by your next period. These apps give you the detailed analysis of your cycle history.

These days many misconception in our society when pregnancy occurs, as some people says that you can only pregnant on your ovulation start day and some people tell that all ovulation day you can be pregnant but these both statement are wrong.

While on an average test says that only six days best for pregnancy occur ( which are the 5 days before the ovulation and one day after ovulation occurred) and highest chances of pregnancy is two days before ovulation so period tracker apps can give you best idea about your pregnancy occur timing.

These also help you to tell about sex desire highest or lowest timing if you using these apps you can easily know about your sex desire peak point and you can enjoy that moment with a beautiful sex drive.

Sex is very important for health so you need to be aware about your sexual life.

Period Tracker Apps Can Be Your Life-changer So You Must Try These Apps: 

1. Period Calendar Ovulation Tracker


[mks_button size=”medium” title=”Download ” style=”squared” url=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.popularapp.periodcalendar&hl=en” target=”_self” bg_color=”#69d61b” txt_color=”#FFFFFF” icon=”icon-arrow-down” icon_type=”sl” nofollow=”1″]

Keep track of your menstrual cycles with Period Calendar. It tracks your periods, cycles, ovulation and the chance of conception. Period tracker helps both women looking to conceive and those trying to birth control.

Period Tracker is useful, whether you have irregular periods or regular periods. It can track your chance of pregnancy every day. You can also record your cervical mucus, BMI, sexual activity, weight, temperature, symptoms or moods. Think of it as your personal period diary. It will help you get in shape, lose weight, and stay healthy.

Popular with both teenagers and 40-somethings, this app makes use of adorable, emoji-like pics to tune not handiest the dates of your period, the heaviness of your flow, and your envisioned ovulation dates, but a massive range of signs and symptoms and emotions, from salty cravings to neck aches, from “gloomy” to “refreshed.” One teen told us she likes that it indicates up on her cellphone as “P Tracker,” so no one has to understand what that app sitting next to TikTok and Instagram is about.


2. mySysters Symptoms Tracker

mySysters Symptoms Tracker

[mks_button size=”medium” title=”Download ” style=”squared” url=”https://apps.apple.com/us/app/mysysters-symptoms-tracker/id1196032521″ target=”_self” bg_color=”#69d61b” txt_color=”#FFFFFF” icon=”icon-arrow-down” icon_type=”sl” nofollow=”1″]

Better manage your menopause symptoms with mySysters; a symptom tracker and social forum for women who want to learn more about managing their perimenopause and menopause symptoms. mySysters combines community, education and symptom tracking to help support women going through stages of perimenopause and/or menopause symptoms in an uplifting and informative way.

This app is designed specifically to track erratic periods and symptoms such as hot flashes, migraines, and anxiety — use the data to discuss symptoms and treatments with your doctor.


3. Period Tracker Flo. Ovulation Calendar & Pregnancy

Period Tracker Flo. Ovulation Calendar & Pregnancy

[mks_button size=”medium” title=”Download ” style=”squared” url=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.iggymedia.periodtracker&hl=en” target=”_self” bg_color=”#69d61b” txt_color=”#FFFFFF” icon=”icon-arrow-down” icon_type=”sl” nofollow=”1″]

Want to know when your next period is coming? Confused by PMS symptoms? Want to take your birth control pills in time? With this free female period tracker, ovulation calculator and fertility calendar it’s easy to keep track of your menstrual cycle.

The “chats” feature of this app allows you to ask the weirdest and most intimate questions completely anonymously (strange body odors? sex while on your period? funky discharge?). It also includes a huge library of helpful articles.


4. FitrWoman


[mks_button size=”medium” title=”Download ” style=”squared” url=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.orreco.myfitr.woman&hl=en” target=”_self” bg_color=”#69d61b” txt_color=”#FFFFFF” icon=”icon-arrow-down” icon_type=”sl” nofollow=”1″]

Track your period and train smarter with free menstrual tracker FitrWoman ®. Learn about how your menstrual cycle affects your workouts and get everyday nutrition tips to help you train better.

Connect with Strava to quickly add your daily activities.

Eat, Train and Recover smarter every cycle with;

  • Training tips based on what stage of your menstrual cycle you are in.
  • Nutritional suggestions and recipes to help you react to your body’s varying needs.
  • Learning about the science behind how hormonal changes affect your body.
  • Regular bite-sized insights into women’s health, exercise, recovery, nutrition and more.

This app takes period tracking to the next level for active women, giving tips for maximizing your workouts and recipes for the ultimate nutritional benefit at each phase of your cycle. It also syncs up to Apple Health.


5. GLOW. Ovulation & Period Tracker


[mks_button size=”medium” title=”Download ” style=”squared” url=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.glow.android&hl=en” target=”_self” bg_color=”#69d61b” txt_color=”#FFFFFF” icon=”icon-arrow-down” icon_type=”sl” nofollow=”1″]

Get pregnant, log your period cycle and more. Discover all the ovulation, period, fertility and pregnancy information you need with Glow.

Log your period in the app’s calendar and track your cycle with our ovulation calculator.

Your period tracker lets you record ovulation, PMS, and pregnancy symptoms. Or log your period and be in control of your fertility with our period tracker and ovulation calendar.

Glow not only tracks your period and symptoms, but it crunches the numbers and spits out data such as: “You have a 29% chance of getting pregnant today.” This can be very helpful if you’re trying to get pregnant, but keep in mind that it can be risky if you’re trying not to get pregnant.

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