10 New Best Wall Design For The Living Room In 2020

The new decade is here, and it’s time to amp up your living room style. We have best wall design for the living room. You can instantly boost your décor quotient by giving your living room walls a pick-me-up. Read on for our best wall décor ideas for 2020.

1. Bring The Outdoors In

Wall Design For The Living Room

Add the freshness of spring to your living room with wallpaper that derives inspiration from nature. Get peel-and-stick removable wallpaper that can be changed whenever you tire of it.


2. Stucco Plaster On A Focus Wall

Wall Design For The Living Room

Create a focus wall behind your sofa with stucco plaster that forms undulating waves with a three-dimensional effect. Focus a series of downlights on the wall to highlight and add drama to the texture.


3. A Sponge-Finished Accent Wall

A Sponge-Finished Accent Wall

An accent wall is a great way to add colour and focus to your room. Use a colour that adds character and personality to your room, and redo the upholstery and drapes to complement this new colour palette.

Charcoal grey, teal or goldenrod are some lovely shades that will brighten up your room instantly. Create textural effects with a sponge, comb or patterned brush.


4. Showcase your Mats And Baskets

Showcase your Mats and Baskets

A mishmash of woven baskets and mats, perhaps collected from places you have travelled to, would make an exciting theme for wall décor. Group them in a unique way; each mat would have its own story to tell.


5. Pinstripes On The Wall

Pinstripes on the Wall

We’ve always been partial to pinstripes, and we love the way this striped wallpaper ties together and creates a balance between the various disparate elements in this living room.


6. Cover The Wall With Art

Cover the Wall with Art

Collate your favourite prints and paintings – display them using similar simple frames. You could choose to mix and match colours and themes or pick up artwork that follows a two-tone colour palette for a striking and impactful wall.


7. Brick Cladding For A Rustic Look

Brick Cladding For A Rustic Look


Exposed brick cladding on the wall adds a unique dimension to a rustic themed interior. You can get a similar look without any of the hassles, by opting for textured wallpaper that has a brick finish.


8. Mount A Bicycle On The Wall

Mount a Bicycle on the Wall

Here’s an unusual idea – Your childhood cycle could be spray painted any colour you like and neatly mounted on the wall for a charming and quirky effect.

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