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Woman's Day Turn Dreams into Dollars. The secret to success is doing what you love best.

Woman's Day
September 18, 2001
by Mary Hunt
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Becky Trowbridge : Passion Cooking

Best advice: If you love to cook and receive compliments on your food, people will pay you to cook for them.

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Becky Trowbridge thought being an environmental engineer was going to be the career f her dreams. But after 12 years on the job, she had one eye on the computer screen and the other on the clock. “My body was at the office but my heart was home in the kitchen,” she recalls.

Becky, who lives in San Juan Capistrano, California, dreamed of having her own catering business. “But I kept coming up against insurmountable obstacles,” she says. “I’d have to work nights, weekends and holidays. I’d need a health-department-certified food preparation facility. I couldn’t operate legally at home.”

Then she read about a new profession: the personal chef, someone who goes to a client’s home and cooks for that household. No health department visits required.

Since 1996, when Becky started her business, Marvelous Meals, she’s never lacked clients. Now, instead of spending 50 hours a week as an engineer and hating it, she works four days a week doing what she loves.

On a typical morning Becky, 40, arrives at the client’s home with everything she needs to prepare 10 days’ worth of meals. “I find so much joy and satisfaction in leaving a client’s home with the kitchen spotless, the freezer full with the next week’s meals and tnight’s dinner in the oven.”

Mary Hunt is the editor of the Cheapskate Monthly newsletter.
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