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"Hands down it is the best software for any Personal Chef. A better software package does not exist."

- Chef Kevin Keeling

"I am using the MenuMagic and I love it. It took just a few minutes to get the hang of the basics... but have used it for two clients with good results. I have used all the printing modules and have added some menus of my own... For me it was well worth the money!"

- Chef Carolyn Van Nest
MenuMagic - Complete Personal Chef Software

version 1.2

MenuMagic Personal CHef Software animated
Complete Personal Chef Software:
MenuMagic combines client, recipe and menu management in a single integrated package
 Track client preferences, quickly plan menus, and automate label printing, all in a single program. More than just a simple recipe management program, MenuMagic integrates client, recipe, and menu management to provide a totally unique solution.

features FAQ Buy!
Screen SHotes System requirements support

features Features

MenuMagic is not just another recipe management software system. With powerful client, recipe, and menu management functionality in a single software solution, every one of MenuMagic's modules integrates with each other to make it a truly one-of-a-kind product.

No more awkward client folders: MenuMagic will keep track of just about everything you need for each client.

No more lost recipes: By utilizing MenuMagic's dynamic search engine, and the extensive category search, recipes are easily found. With the simple "point and click" interface, menu planning is a breeze.

No need for rummaging through cryptic papers and old notes: MenuMagic's exclusive menu history and client profile remembers your clients' preferences, what recipes they have already had, as well as which recipes are their favorites.

No more tedious hours manually typing up menus and heating instructions: All of MenuMagic's extensive reporting capability including client menus, heating instructions, packaging labels, production reports, shopping list, and recipes, are printable with a simple click of the mouse.

No more paying for upgrades to keep up-to-date with the newest version:
Licened users have access to upgrades and updates free of charge.

No extra charges for quality tech support:
MenuMagic comes with free technical support for licensed users from the designers and Personal Chefs who developed the software. No third-party-developer or software-with-cryptic-website-only tech support.

MenuMagic was developed with the Personal Chef Service in mind. There is no other product providing all of these tools to the Personal Chef.

Feature Comparison
MenuMagic Micro-Cookbook¹ MasterCook¹ Personal Chef Office¹
Client Management
Track e-mail, address, recipe preferences, restricted ingredients  X     X
Generate client mailing labels and a client list  X     X
Client preferences automatically assist recipe selection and menu creation  X      
Recipe Management         
Categorization system  X X X  
Recipe scaling  X X X  
Robust search capabilities  X X X  
Recipe printouts  X X X  
Nutrition analysis  X X X  
Ingredient fast fill  X X X  
Number of predefined ingredients with nutritional information 
Reheating instructions  X      
Easy to use single-volume recipe database  X      
Includes Personal Chef specific recipes  X*      
Menu Management         
Design and Create Menus  X X X  
One-step recipe printing from menus  X X    
Generate shopping list from menu  X X X  
Generate client preparation reports form menu  X      
Organized menus by client and service date  X      
Automatically create menu history  X      
Create menus from client menus  X      
System Features         
Single File, Integrated Backup  X      
free for licensed users
No longer in development
No longer in development
2 years free from 3rd party developer
USPCA directly develops, sells and supports MenuMagic - no third party developer
Web/Email Support Only
3rd party developer support only
User Interface 
Single application with multiple windows allows simultaneous access to different areas
Single Application / Single window increases navigation time
Single Application / Single window increases navigation time
Multiple Applications increases resource consumption and reduces interpretability
* Personal Chef Recipes are only included for USPCA members who currently have purchased the recipe package through a training sytem, or separately.

faq Frequently Asked Questions

Is MenuMagic just Recipe Management Software?
MenuMagic includes a strong recipe management system, but it is only a portion of what it can do for the Personal Chef. Together with client and menu management modules integrated into a single package, MenuMagic is a truly complete Personal Chef software. The USPCA designed MenuMagic specifically to address tasks of a Personal Chef that can be tedious and repetitive.

Can MenuMagic track client preferences and menu history?
Unlike traditional recipe management software, MenuMagic is designed specifically to use client information to easily develop specialized menus based on their preferences and dietary needs. MenuMagic then saves and organizes these menus based on the client and service date, saving hours of manual paperwork organization.

Do I have to be a member of the USPCA to purchase MenuMagic?
Anyone can purchase a copy MenuMagic. However, USPCA members receive a discount on the price of the software and are the only ones eligible to receive MenuMagic with our Personal Chef Recipe Collection pre-installed.

Does MenuMagic include invoicing/bookkeeping functionality?
We currently are working on future functionality that ties a menu to a client invoice. Integrating total bookkeeping functionality with MenuMagic would not bring much benefit to a user because good accounting software already exist (like QuickBooks, or MYOB) that are industry leaders in accounting software and are perfect for Personal Chefs.

What printouts and reports does MenuMagic provide?
Not only does MenuMagic come with standard recipe and menu printouts, but also print outs specific to running a Personal Chef Service such as:
- Menu Packaging labels
- Separate Menu Nutrition, Menu Client Instructions, and Recipe Production Reports
- Client listings and mailing labels
- Shopping Lists

Can MenuMagic create a follow-up letter for a client or help me create brochures?
MenuMagic can help manage who you send brochures and letters to using client list reports and client mailing labels. However, a word processor or other page-layout functionality was not integrated into our product.

Most new computer systems come with great software that can fill this need (like Microsoft Office or Microsoft Works). If you have a computer that did not come with one of these packages, you can download or purchase other, inexpensive alternatives such as (freeware) or EasyOffice (The Shareware used in the APCA Personal Chef Office Program - $39). Members of the USPCA are provided, free of charge, various templates in many standard formats to assist them with their business.

system requirements System Requirements
Menu Magic v1.2 System Requirements

  • Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP
  • Internet Explorer 5.0+
  • Video Card supporting 800x600 resolution
  • 40MB hard Drive Space
  • 64MB RAM
  • Windows compatible ink-jet or laser printer.

support Support and Upgrades
Current Version
Version 1.2 Build 196
Updates and Support
Both Update/Upgrade and support information are readily available on our members website.

If you have purchased MenuMagic but are not a member of the USPCA, call us for upgrade or support information:

1-800-995-2138 x122

¹ All software products referenced are trademarks of their respective owners

1-800-995-2138 :: Request an Information Packet

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