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Privacy Statement

The USPCA respects the privacy of its members and visitors to the USPCA Web site. The USPCA does not collect any information through the Web site without the knowledge of the member or visitor. The USPCA's Web server automatically recognizes only the visitor's domain name, not the specific user name of the visitor. The USPCA does not collect any information via cookies or other tracking means of a personal nature from visitors. All personal information collected through the Web site is provided on a voluntary basis by USPCA Web site visitors through a visible means of data entry or collection.

One of the main objectives of The USPCA's Web site, however, is to encourage networking and participation in interactive events by USPCA members and site visitors. To support this networking and interaction, The USPCA may require that visitors provide information to access certain areas of its Web site. This information may include name, email and postal addresses, phone numbers, and other demographic information. Areas of our Web site requiring this information generally include any interactive area, such as forum and chat discussions, surveys, on-site registrations and applications. Visitors provide this information on a voluntary basis to gain access to these areas. The USPCA may also collect aggregate information on which pages visitors access as they use our site as well as the email addresses with visitors who correspond with us directly from the Web site.

Information about members collected through the Membership Application will be stored in the general USPCA membership database. USPCA may use email or postal addresses for notifying members and customers about upcoming events, new additions to the USPCA Web site, or other products and services offered by the USPCA.

The USPCA does not provide any of the email addresses, postal addresses, phone numbers, or other personally identifiable information that it collects on its Web site to any other individual or organization for any purpose, including commercial. The USPCA uses the information we collect to improve the content of our Web site; to enhance existing products, services, and member benefits; and to plan for new products, services, and member benefits.

If you provide your telephone or fax number on the Web site, the USPCA may contact you via telephone regarding any questions they may have about a product or service order (including membership applications, conference registrations, or other product orders). Therefore, it is important that you provide us with your correct phone number to serve you more promptly.

The USPCA will use the aggregate data we collect to perform statistical analysis of the collective characteristics and behavior of our members and visitors, to measure overall customer demographics, and to analyze how and where to use our resources.

In our exchange boards, we do collect all logins and dialogue. Dialogue may be archived for later retrieval by the USPCA members. Personal information, personal references, and obvious grammatical errors may be removed from the transcripts before they are archived.

The USPCA, however, cannot control the acts of its members who use the exchange board. If personal information, such as name, email addresses, mailing addresses, and phone numbers, are provided through these modules, they may conceivably be used by others for unsolicited e-mail or other contact.

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